ENERGY Uncovered

Before action plans can be developed, locating and understanding where human energy leaks are occurring is required. At New West Institute those energy leaks are discovered using the Work Engagement Profile (the WEP). This proprietary diagnostic instrument was developed as part of a 15-year research program by Dr. Kenneth W. Thomas (Naval Postgraduate School) and Dr. Walter G. Tymon Jr. (Villanova University) and their colleagues. It is based on ideas discussed in the Dr. Thomas' book, Intrinsic Motivation at Work.

In 2005 an alliance was formed between Drs. Thomas and Tymon with New West Institute LLC to promote and utilize the Work Engagement Profile in New West Institute's organizational performance applications. New West Institute LLC is the innovative application source for the instrument.

What does the Work Engagement Profile measure? ENERGY

In practical terms, the WEP measures the personal, work group and organizational energy available to engage in the purpose of the organization. It does so by measuring the intensity of the engagement in the four intrinsic rewards listed below that enable staff to be intrinsically motivated:

  • Engaging in a meaningful purpose.
  • Having a sense of choice about that purpose.
  • Having a growing sense of competence as those choices are exercised.
  • Having a sense of continuing progress about their work.

While extrinsic motivation (compensation, favorable job evaluations, promotions and bonuses, etc.) is part of the mix of what causes staff to act, these extrinsic motivators by themselves do not provide the workplace climate whereby staff will voluntarily release energy to fully engage in the purpose of the organization. It is this voluntary release of energy that organizations need today from staff and it is exactly what staff wants as well - to be actively engaged, applying their intelligence and skills to significant purposes. The four intrinsic motivators meet this two-fold need of the organization and its staff:

When there is a combined experience of these four rewards, we say that staff is intrinsically motivated and energized to be engaged in their work. They become people who care strongly about their work and get psychological rewards from doing it well and they become better self-managers of that work.

ENERGY Ignited

The "Igniter" is the SPARK that takes the data from the Work Engagement Profile and makes it actionable.

This program is designed to build staff group energy and commitment to fully engage in the mission of the organization. By focusing on the four intrinsic rewards identified in the Work Engagement Profile instrument, energy is released that gets staff engaged and enables them to stay engaged.

As a result of the "Igniter™" staff members will:

  • Be able to identify his/her personal level of intrinsic motivation expressed in the energy available to self-manage one's work.
  • Be able to compare their personal energy against a work group or organization-wide energy profile.
  • Be able to voluntarily release energy to be more engaged while making judgments that further the organization's goals.
  • Develop a strategy to improve his/her personal intrinsic motivation in accomplishing the organization's mission.
  • Internalize the four reward building blocks of intrinsic motivation required to expand personal performance.
  • Contribute with others in staff groups in building energy toward consistent engagement to further the organization's mission.
  • Assist staff to be less reliant on extrinsic motivational factors (directives policies, memorized procedures and even compensation levels) in the workplace.
  • Increase business literacy about how to fully participate in and be rewarded for increased engagement in the purpose and productivity of the organization.

ENERGY Accelerated (Program Under Development)

"Accelerant™" is the FUEL that takes energy released from the personal and organizational insights gained in the "Igniter" and identifies how that energy can be applied to daily performance.

This program is designed to leverage what the Profile of Intrinsic Motivation identified as organizational and personal "Energy Leaks". Using the PIM data along with the expanded insights staff discovered through the "Igniter™", the "Accelerant™" provides the practical framework and applications for staff to be fully engaged in their work.

As a result of the "Accelerant™", staff members will:

  • Be aware of the necessity of balancing the resources of the organization in the service of three key constituencies - customers, co-workers and owners / investors.
  • Have practical applications in how to accomplish that goal.
  • Be able to identify the value of the four core business processes: attracting/acquiring, fulfilling, retaining and improving.
  • Have specific actions to implement all four processes.
  • Have a plan in place that ensures focused activities that will expand the quality of the deliverable to all constituencies.

ENERGY Sustained

It is critical to maintain the momentum generated by the Work Engagement Profile, Igniter™ and Accelerant™. Continuous monitoring, measuring and adjusting of the applications ensures that the energy release is self-sustaining and expanding, particularly in times of transition.

Specific continuing applications include:

  • Periodic measurement of "ENERGY LEAKS" using the Profile of Intrinsic Motivation.
  • Hiring to ensure cultural job fit.
  • Baseline metrics that allow for results trending and process adjustments.
  • Monitoring milestones and celebrating success.
    Executive Coaching - When staff is energized and engaged, the leaders will need new tools to optimize and leverage the opportunity.