Culture Matters

There is an organizational culture that ignites releases and quickly focuses the energy of an organization.

Kotter and Heskitt ("Corporate Culture and Performance," Harvard Business School) found that a Stakeholder based culture works best (one that focuses on balancing resources and services in improving the deliverables to three key constituencies - customers, co-workers and owners / investors). This type of culture wins - no matter what metric is used.

Over eleven years, the study measured 250 companies and here is the result.

Metric Balanced Culture Tilted toward only one of
the three constituencies
Increased Revenue 682% 166%
Expanded work force 282% 36%
Growth in stock price 901% 74%
Improved net income 756% 1%

As an example, Stakeholder focused companies achieved 756% net income increase vs. a 1% net income increase for companies that only focused on one of the three key service constituencies.

New West Institute applications make that work culture come to life by releasing and focusing the human energy of the organization to improve services delivered to the three key constituencies - THE GOAL!

The Frozen Middle™ Matters

of Organization
& signed on
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& signed off

The middle compliant group (70%) has the greatest potential for change in performance. But they are frozen and they don't release the energy required to be fully engaged with customers, their co-workers or in making a difference for the owners. They are good people who have learned to be compliant workers. The energy is there, it just needs to be released. When that occurs, the performance of the entire organization is accelerated.

It is this group that New West Institute processes focus on first. When the critical mass of the Frozen Middle "thaws" and becomes engaged, the impact is exponential for organization-wide performance. Managers have an easier time focusing that energy. The Committed only go higher and the Complacent either join or leave because their audience, the Compliant Frozen Middle, has stepped up.

Intrinsic Motivation Matters

Intrinsic Motivation is the key to new energy released to one's work. Intrinsic Motivation occurs when people care strongly about their work and receive psychological rewards from doing it well. This type of motivation is called intrinsic because the rewards come directly from the task one performs - they are intrinsic to the work experience.

In contrast, extrinsic motivation is based on rewards that are given or withheld as incentives for good work (like money, favorable job evaluations, promotions and bonuses).

Learning Design Matters

Adults learn best in experiential learning settings. All New West Institute applications are work related, organizational focused and practical in terms of learning how to apply one's energy to be more fully engaged in expanding the deliverables to customers, one's co-workers and owners / investors.

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