Landscaping Experts Enhance Your Outdoor Living Spaces

Landscaping professionals are the individuals who make your outdoor living spaces come to life. From arborists to agronomists, their work enhances how we live, work, and play outdoors. For soon-to-be graduates, career changers, and science and engineering majors, becoming a landscaper can be a great option for you.

Landscaping Services

Site analysis is a key step in the landscape design process. Landscaping Harrisburg PA involves a comprehensive inventory and evaluation of the existing property, including its features, condition and potential uses. This helps determine how the overall site should be used and what needs to be addressed. It also helps a designer determine the best types of plants and materials for a particular climate and space.

A good way to do a site inventory is by taking a walk around the property, noting important features and areas. This may include the location of existing buildings, walks, driveways and other man-made structures; trees and shrubs; ponds and other water features; and any sloping terrain. It is also helpful to note prevailing wind directions, patterns of sun and shade, and other environmental factors.

This information can then be analyzed and compared to your needs. The landscape expert will then use this information to develop a landscape plan that is tailored to you and your family’s specific lifestyle. The landscape professional will also consider budget and time requirements to help ensure the project stays within its scope and is completed in a reasonable amount of time.

A landscape expert will often take photos or videos during the site visit to record and document important features of the property. This can be especially useful in capturing the unique elements of a property, such as natural sloping or a view that can’t be moved. It can also be useful for recording the dimensions of spaces or objects, allowing the landscape expert to quickly move to the design phase.

There are a variety of apps that can be downloaded to smartphones and tablets that will allow for easy and efficient measurements. One example is My Measures and Dimensions, which allows users to add arrows, text and angles to recorded images for reference. It also supports imperial and metric measurements, as well as the ability to organize saved images into specific folders.

A landscaping expert will also pay attention to the views from the property and nearby roads or streets. For instance, if there is a neighbor’s home that is visible from your outdoor living area, privacy plantings might be necessary. A landscape expert will also consider if there are any objectionable noises that could be heard from the property and ways to address them.


Landscape design is the process of planning and designing outdoor spaces. It involves a complex set of skills and requires an artistic eye. Many landscaping professionals have earned certificates, bachelor’s, or master’s degrees in the discipline. Some have become members of the Association of Professional Landscape Designers (APLD).

Whether you are looking to install a new garden or update your existing one, an experienced landscape designer can help you realize your vision for your outdoor space. He or she will also create an outline of the necessary materials, equipment, and labor to complete your project. In addition, he or she will process the necessary permits with your town to save you time and money.

A good landscape design will increase the value of your property and improve the curb appeal of your home. It will also improve the function and safety of your backyard. A landscape expert will be able to help you choose plants and structures that fit your space and needs. He or she will also take into consideration the climate, soil conditions, and other factors that affect your property.

When you work with a skilled landscaping professional, you can expect your project to be completed on time and within budget. He or she will also create a 3D model to give you a better idea of how your landscape will look once it’s finished.

A landscape design will also help you avoid common mistakes that can occur during a DIY landscaping project. These errors can cost you a lot of money and may even damage your property. For example, you might plant a tree in the path of a storm water drain or place a garden bed in an area that is prone to flooding.

A qualified landscape expert can provide expert witness testimony in court cases involving landscape and horticulture issues. He or she can offer advice about planting, hardscape, paving, and site grading. In addition, a qualified expert can testify about erosion control, landscape lighting, and other related topics.


An expert landscaper will be able to translate the conceptual ideas that were developed by the designer into a concrete plan that can be implemented. They will produce a number of documents, including preliminary concept drawings, detailed construction documents, and planting plans. They can also produce three-dimensional renderings and illustrative plans to help the client visualize their finished project. These documents are important because they provide the client with a clear idea of what the company will be doing and how much it will cost.

Some of the services that a landscape professional can perform are soil testing, site evaluation, watershed planning, and tree and shrub selection. These professionals can also design a variety of hardscape features, such as driveways, walkways, and retaining walls. They can also install a variety of plants, such as grasses and perennials. Many of these experts are licensed and insured, and they can work with residential and commercial properties.

Tucson Landscaping is a company that has been offering innovative curb appeal improvement solutions since 2009. Its crew of landscaping artisans can build eye-catching paver designs for patios, create custom outdoor fireplaces, and set up outdoor kitchens. They can also set up easy-draining natural rock water features that require little maintenance.

In addition to providing landscape installation services, the company offers detailed concierge landscape maintenance. The landscaping professionals on its staff can maintain the garden by spraying and pulling weeds, pruning or thinning trees and shrubs, spreading decorative gravel on driveways and pavements, and removing cactus pads and debris. They can also assist with weed control in irrigation systems, and they can perform one-time or regular mulching. They can also perform tree trimming and complete entire stump removals.


Landscape professionals enhance the way you live, work and play outdoors. Whether it’s an agronomist working below ground to provide soil services, or arborists working above ground to ensure the health of your trees, their work is critical to your enjoyment and safety. Landscape architects plan the overall layout of your outdoor space, including garden beds, buildings, hardscaping and other elements. Landscapers then build these areas according to their design plans. Specialists in irrigation and lighting design and installation have the technical expertise to incorporate these elements into your yard.

Maintenance performed by a Landscaping Expert is just as important to the health and appearance of your yard as the original installation. Generally, the work is weekly, seasonal or yearly and includes fertilizing, mulching, pruning, trimming, mowing and snow removal. These tasks keep your yard healthy, well-manicured and weed free.

Some maintenance specialists offer basic lawn care only, such as mowing and blowing leaves off your property, while others do more extensive work, such as removing shrubs or small trees, installing water features and more. Some also perform plant health care, such as insect pest control and fertilization.

The industry terms for these positions may vary and range from laborer or technician to landscape worker, landscape maintenance specialist and garden maintenance worker. Those with more formal titles and experience generally take horticulture classes. They may progress to landscape maintenance supervisor or manager positions, which offer higher salaries.

The career of a landscape professional is often highly rewarding, and U.S News lists it as one of the top jobs with no college degree, and second for best maintenance and repair jobs. It’s no surprise that it’s a popular choice for people who enjoy using their hands to create and maintain beautiful outdoor spaces.